Our Mission

We are a team of visionaries with a passion for technology and innovation.

Our values are based on one of those few awarenesses that any person in the world has reached at one time or another in their lives. Our job takes more than 50% of our existence.

In fact, days are made of 24 hours. Generally 8 of them are used to sleep or are part of those moments when you go to bed and wake up in the morning.

Theoretically another 8 hours are spent at work. Who more who less, but to make an average we can safely add 2 more hours between lunches, traffic and travel, reaching a total of about 10 hours a day dedicated to our jobs.

So on average we are busy or dormant for about 18 hours a day. There are only 6 left to dedicate to ourselves. But these are often willingly engaged in commissions or civil and family duties.

In conclusion? We are always busy, there is never enough time and our job is crucial!

Our philosophy is in fact very simple, if these are the conditions, then you have to make your work a passion. Days must fly, time must be perceived a bit like Einstein, it is relative. For us Smartykee is not a job, for us it is the last thought before going to bed and the first one when we wake up in the morning.

We are in love and focused on these simple goals:

Facilitate the revolution of digital keys

Develop simple, intuitive and universal systems

Assist the training course of our customers

Listen and adapt to the real needs of the market

Years of experience



A bit of History

Smartykee was born to optimize access management and control, for companies and individuals

  1. Problem - They close the road!

    Digital keys

    The family hotel of our founder is located in a remote village in the province of Milan. One day the Municipality decides to make a nice gift; without asking anyone for anything, it closes the only road that made the structure visible. Operating costs remain unchanged, competition in the area increases, but turnover decreases by more than 90%.

  2. Solution - Digital keys

    Smart locks

    The family comes together to find a solution. Initially everyone proposed ideas to increase the visibility of the Hotel, but suddenly a light bulb came on ... and if instead we saved on running costs ?! Maybe we could take away the 2 doormen at night ... But how do we welcome customers at all hours ?? Eliminating the key handover !!

  3. Looking for the perfect key

    The perfect key

    They started looking for a technology that could replace traditional keys. First of all, something was needed that did not depend on the internet or an App that the customer was obliged to download, so all the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC locks were discarded. The only alternative seemed to be keypads with numeric combinations, but these had to be changed manually for each reservation.

  4. The QR Code Keys

    QR Code kesy

    It was clear by now that to eliminate the keys a technology was needed that worked without internet, without downloading an App, without the need to physically intervene to change the combinations and that it was simple to use. Our founder proposed the QR Code. Used for years by car parks and airports, the QR Code is a simple image and through an infrastructure like Smartykee it could become the only solution.

  5. Release of Smartykee 1.0

    Digital keys platform

    After a few months the very first version of Smartykee was developed. The software was still almost a prototype with the essential functions to manage the QR Code keys. These were immediately tested on the common accesses of the Hotel and immediately afterwards on some rooms. The system proved to be a success, the customers were all satisfied and enthusiastic and slowly the whole structure replaced all the traditional keys with QR Code.

  6. Hotel 24/7 without night shifts

    Hotel 24 hours

    After almost 1 year of experimentation, tests and various adjustments, the Hotel decided to eliminate night shifts by proposing a guest reception system with Reception open until 20:00. The QR Code keys were printed and delivered during the reception hours, and sent on Whatsapp or E-mail after closing.

  7. Release of Smartykee 2.0

    Digital keys platform

    In the meantime, Smartykee software has continued to grow and improve. Thanks to the suggestions of the Hotel and the comments of its customers, it was possible to build an infrastructure around the reality of a full-scale commercial activity. By the release of Smartykee version 2.0 the system had achieved more stability, security and reliability.

  8. Hotel saves about €70.000

    How to save money with own Hotel

    1 year after the advent of the 24/7 digital reception, the hotel achieved unimaginable results. Removing the 2 doormen at night meant an effective saving of 2 gross wages, this allowed a more flexible tariff strategy and thanks to a continuous availability, the Hotel boasted both of considerable savings and of an increase in employment such as to allow it to work even without that notorious road that was closed years before by the dear Municipality.

  9. Smartykee S.R.L is funded

    Keyless solutions

    After the success achieved with the Hotel, after years of experimentation, tests, updates and refinements, it was decided to found the company that would propose the same solutions on the market that raised a reality that seemed to have no more hopes. On March 18th 2019 Smartykee S.R.L. is founded in Milan
    and recognized as High Innovative Start Up.

  10. International interest

    Digital keys

    The development of the software has never stopped. But if on the one hand the engineering and commercial team worked hand in hand to achieve the functionality that the Market required, on the other Smartykee received about 30 requests for information per day, both from Italy and from other European and
    non-European countries , including the United States and Australia. The situation was incredible, it seemed that no one in the world proposed what everyone needed.

  11. Release of Smartykee 3.0

    Access control

    After about 4 years, the project gained greater market experience and awareness. After the first exhibition in 2019, there was considerable interest in access control and monitoring and the possibility of being able to use digital keys with other technologies in addition to the QR Code. Thus version 3.0 of Smartykee software
    - Smarty Hub - the first Platform of digital keys.

  12. Let's write the history together

    Keys of the future

    The Smartykee project started to solve a problem and continued to grow along with people's needs. After all, an idea is nothing without validation, a software is only an agglomeration of algorithms without human support. We continue to write this story together because the most important developments of humanity have always been achieved thanks to the strength of the groups, not the individual companies.

High Innovative Start Up

Invitalia - National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development S.p.A., is an Italian joint-stock company wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy.

Immediately after founding Smartykee S.R.L. we have applied for Invitalia's Smart & Start initiative. This provides for investments and concessions for Italian innovative start-ups that meet certain requirements and offer projects of high technological content to support the local economy.

Following various documentations and interviews, Smartykee has been accepted into the program.