QR Code Keys

The QR Code is a 2D barcode that can contain various information. Among these, we can use it to store dates and times that will be used to define the beginning and end of the validity of a key.

also PRINTABLE Usable from any type of Smartphone or Smartwatch 

The key of the future

- The QR Code is the only technology in the world that allows the possibility of having digital keys, safe, simple, transferable by e-mail, chat or SMS, able to work on any device capable of reading an image, without the 'use of an internet connection, valid for a predefined duration and printable on any paper material -


It is mathematically impossible to trace the contents of a QR Code without knowing its encryption key


The QR Code being an image can be used by any smartphone, smartwatch or printed


The QR Code key works completely offline and without the need to download any App

Unlimited generation

Send by
e-mail and SMS 


Automatic sending in the future

Time validity
(min, hours, days)


Automatic dynamism


Example of route with the same QR Code key

Open Main Gate
Open Doorway
Activate elevator
Open room
Discover the solutions for Condominiums

Access to remote access from inside your apartment