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Channel Manager

Avoid overbooking by synchronizing your calendar to over 150 OTAs. Manage availability and customize your rates for each channel from a single tool. 

When your guests book on Booking, Airbnb, Expedia or another of the 150 connected channels, they will receive a message that will allow them to self check-in, pay online if necessary and automatically receive QR Code keys directly via e-mail or SMS.


Availability planner

A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop calendar. By dragging the mouse you can create new bookings, change dates or move guests to a different room.

Red and orange bookings represent those to be paid. The former are empty, the latter contain guest data. The green ones, on the other hand, are paid and complete bookings in all respects.


Periodic rates

Create special or recurring rates for different periods. You can decide whether to repeat a rate on particular days of the week, months or date ranges.

You can diversify the rates of direct bookings from those arriving from other sales channels subject to commissions.


Manage reservations

Reservations can be created automatically if your guests book from an OTA or from your Booking Engine. Alternatively, you can create them manually and manage guests, rooms, dates, prices and personalized notes.

If the reservations are paid online, through the automatic refund, the amount paid will be returned directly to your customers' credit card.


Accounting tools

For each paid reservation, an electronic invoice or receipt will be automatically generated. The reimbursements instead will go to create the respective Credit Notes.

Within the Accounting section it is possible to generate two Excel files that your accountant will find very convenient: The Fee Register and the Summary of all your invoices, receipts and credit notes.



Having the need to send the QR Code keys to your guests, you will find yourself with a database complete with all the information and contacts you will need to get the most out of your customers.

You will be able to see the rooms booked by each guest in real time and what reservations have been made in the past. 

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