QR Code Devices

Installed on any type of door, doorway or gate.
Opening with QR Code and RFID.


Equipped with a microprocessor able to perform all the operations necessary to determine the validity of a QR Code key without communicating with network systems.

For indoor and outdoor

QR Code locks are ideal to be installed on internal doors. While our readers, being resistant to water and more rigid temperatures, are the right solution for outdoors.

For every situation
With battery or direct current

Among our products you will find solutions with both battery life of about 9 months and 12V current that can be integrated with an emergency battery.

Low energy consumption


Discover our QR Code electronic lock. A modern, classy, all-steel product
designed to guarantee functionality and simplicity

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Ideal for interiors

Our QR Code Locks are the ideal product for common wooden interior doors.

Easy to install, with automatic closing, always openable from inside and equipped with a secret compartment for emergency key.


Battery Powered

Through the power supply with four standard batteries (AA) we get a complete automation of the access with an autonomy that varies from 9 to 12 months depending on the use.                  


It works like a switch activated only when reading a valid QR Code key.
Our QR Code reader is a product capable of withstanding temperatures and external agents

clean signal Our QR Code Readers can be connected to any electronic device

Watch the installation video

Ideal for outdoor and
armored doors

QR Code readers are the ideal solution for accesses with an electric or motorized opening. In this sense, the main application of our readers is aimed at electric gates, condominium gates and all those accesses, such as armored or aluminum doors, which can easily be fitted with a motorized lock or an electric strike. 


Finished in Steel and Zinc Alloy. A product resistant to impacts and vandalism.

Powered by direct current and / or battery

Depending on the type of installation, you can opt for a product powered by DC 12V or with a buffer battery.


The QR Code technology, allowing to store in the image all the information necessary for opening an access, allows the use of readers without any internet connection and therefore usable in any point and type of structure.

How the QR Code keys work

qr code keys